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About A1 Quality Decks

Self owned operation, with men working with us for over 12 years.

Construction has been part of my family for generations. Since I was a young boy I worked with my father who made construction a career. My father taught me that hard work and dedication are two of the most important things in having a long, successful career. In the late 1970’s my father was finally able to retire. It is at that point when he questioned me why I have not started my own business yet. So knowing the type of worker he was and for him to think I could succeed in the same field as him, I knew I had to take that chance.

Well, once again my father was right. In 1980, I started “A1 Quality Decks Inc.” and since that time we have grown into a well known construction company. I have enjoyed a successful career that has evolved from building decks, to flipping homes to pretty much anything in construction. I was fortunate enough to meet a man from Italy that has really helped me turn into a more rounded expert in the construction field.

I must say it has not been easy but like my father said, hard work and dedication are two of the most important things. Over time, I have developed the right contacts who are experts in their specific field of construction. They make homes look beautiful and they have the same standards as I do. I have put my livelihood on the line for over a decade with these hard workers and for over a decade, they have not let me down.

I am fortunate enough to have a son, Tommy who is working with me and wants to follow in my footsteps. I can remember when I was Tommy’s age and what my father instilled in me. I am so grateful for the successful career I had and couldn't be happier to have my son follow in my footsteps. I know “A1 Quality Decks Inc.” has a bright future when I decide to enjoy retirement……..But that won’t be for a while yet!!!!!

What You Can Expect from us

Initial design meetings with owner


Precise construction documents


Regular visits to the construction site


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